Driver for XM-L thrower?


Jan 2, 2007
I've been digging up all the old threads on the Solarforce Skyline 1 and getting no answers in the threads, and limited replies to my questions.

So, I want to run this off of an 18650, I want decent run time, 1.5 hours on high? But I want to wake this beast up more. It throws plenty, but its like it runs out of light at the range I think it should be practical. Meaning, yes, I can see the trees at 200 yards, but I sure couldnt identify anything in the trees at that distance, I couldnt identify anything at 100 yards in the trees.

I'd seen the beam shots and done the research, so I knew what I was buying and planed to mod it, but thought I could find more information about it!

Anyway, I have an XM-L T6 on the way and I know it doesn't drive well with an 18650. I want a real pocket flame thrower with this thing so I'd be VERY appreciative on some ideas and suggestions PLEASE!

Thanks in advance.