drop-in for Solarforce L2 w/ extension


Newly Enlightened
Dec 1, 2011
I am getting a Solarforce L2P with the longer extension so it will take either 4x 123 or 2x 18650. I don't know if I should run 4x 123 at 12-18v for the brightest or 2x 18650 for the longest run time.I'll probably get two different bulbs for the best of both.

Right now I have a Solar Force LC-XPG Cree R5 18v 350 lumens drop-in because Lighthound was out of the SF 500 lumens drop in. I also have a Lumens Factory D26-LED High Output Single Mode LED Module XP-G R5 (3.6V-13V) but they don't list the output and it might not be able to handle 4 rcr's.

I am looking for some other $30 and under bulb options like the brightest but was also wondering which one had the most throw but I generally like a good combination of flood and spot like surefires p60l.