Duel channel Hank lights (& others?)


Jun 27, 2021
I have not seen anyone use Adv UI to set up a duel channel light using both channels saved as a manual memory(10C)setting & then going into the misc(9H)setting & turning on the toggle(1C)setting for the channel switching. This seems to be the best of all worlds with the duel channel lights. You get a blend of both (levels set by you) for manual memory at on with normal ramping(either mode) using both channels + you can switch to single channel as needed.

When you find yourself needing one or the other channels the toggle(3H)setting uses the level you last had the memory level ramped to as the starting point for the single channel starting point, then you have normal ramping. Turbo(2C) brings both channels back into use. 2C then takes you back to which ever level you were using when you went to turbo.

I've set up 4 lights like this; 2 D4K's, a DM1.12 & a D4Sv2. The lights are all set up with a "throw"&"flood" pairing of LED. I've paired up W2 w/SST20 4k 95 cri or LH351D 5k 90cri LEDs & SST20 6500k wSST20 4k 95cri. I like the W2/LH351D pairing so well I used it twice, 1 light set up for more throw at on(outdoor), the other more flood(work indoors).

I don't know if every duel channel light out there is using the same Andruil2 version but this would seem to be the way to go.

How have you set up your duel channel light?


Dec 16, 2003
I do this too. I set a blended channel with max level as the memory, then change it back to channel switching. My reasons for doing it:
- On and Ramp have my channel blend preference already set up and is retained after each use
- channel switching is available when needed and is still instant
- when locked, single click moonlight/"low low" is still at the minimum, but the "medium low" as it's referred in the diagrams actually becomes a double click access to turbo.

I don't know whether the driver doing this was a design choice or if it just happened by chance.