Duracell mobile charger CEF23DX4N



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Sep 19, 2009
With the help of a buddy; I was able to procure 4 Duracell Moble chargers CEF23DX4N. Yes, 4 of 'em.

Each charger comes with 2 AA and 2 AAA precharged batteries inserted in the battery bays.

For a plastic until; it is really quite solid. I would not drop it on a concrete floor or anything like that but it does have a solid, well built feeling to it.

The AC power plug is attached to a protruding and detachable rectangular plastic thing. The plug removes for use with different power grids. Europe, Asia etc. Other than the car charger portion, there are no other power plug\adaptors that came with it so I don't quite get it. But I suppose a call to Duracell would clariy that issue.

The AC power plug hinges flush and out of the way when not in use and opens up when its needed. It has a solid click that keeps in place when opened or closed. And slight friction when exposing or closing the plug. Enough so that it wont flop around between the open and closed positions.

The hinged battery cover has a friction closure instead of some sort of snap or lever. I would prefer of the the two latter closures. If I turn it upside down; the lid will stay closed. If there is any upward motion the lid will open. Fortunately, the batteries are secure enough to stay in place.

Since I just got it and have not had a change to run down any batteries; I have not been able to charge in the car or the wall. But I'm pretty sure it'll charge just fine.

I tried USB charging a LG ENV touch to no avail. I'll try again later to see if I did not do something properly but i'm pretty sure I did. I plugged a LG 8300 and LG ENV III and those two charged fine.

In the short time I've had them; I'm content. I think it will be a good addition to an emergency kit for a car, additional power for my son's Nintendo DS on long trips or to use as simply an additional battery charger for home.

I feel I can comfortably recommend them for car, work or home use. I will use them for all three.

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