E-Cig Spare Battery Fire


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Jun 17, 2003
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This one is "different". It appears that the spare battery carried in pants' pocket caught fire and caused 3rd degree burns.


A Sonoma man reportedly suffered third-degree burns on his leg after an e-cigarette spare battery detonated inside his pants pocket.Jason Clar, 42, says the accident happened while he was at his construction job. A whistling sound caught his attention moments before the spare battery exploded and burned his leg, Clar told ABC7 News reporter Dan Noyes.
"The damage was done, and all the skin on the back of my leg was missing, so I went to the emergency room as fast as I could," Clar told ABC7.

Here's my report with the Sonoma County man badly burned when his e-cigarette battery exploded. I explain how often it's happening and why. #ABC7now https://t.co/8BSdPPc4cf
— Dan Noyes (@dannoyes) April 29, 2019

Clar's says injuries required two skin graft surgeries. He's been on leave from his job since the incident happened March.

And from the above article, last year another E-Cig caught fire in pants (video of ignition in link):


No further information supplied (brand/type of batteries/e-cig, if battery shorted on change in pocket, etc.).



May 4, 2014
Overall most of the cases i see about this is from ignorance or sloppy behaviour, we have plenty of flashlights and owners who carry spares as well as use high-drain flashlights with proper cells and i can only recall 1 that wasn't conclusive in regards to the cause, most other cases have been from cheaping out or improper care.

Maybe people should read up more on what they use, especially in something they literally have in their mouth while using.