E2 tailcap glitch?!


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Oct 7, 2002
Last night I got to play with a Surefire E2 for the first time. I was very impressed. First I'll ask my question, then I'll share my other comments.

When I twisted the tailcap from "constant on" to "off" it turned off, then blinked on for a split second, then remained off. I tried it several times and it always goofed up like this. Here's a diagram

1 Constant on > then I twist it counterclockwise
2 Turns off > still twisting
3 Blinks on for a sec > still twisting
4 It Remains off like it's supposed to

Anybody else have this problem??

Now my comments: (there are so many reviews and praises of the E2 that this is really just beating a dead horse. now read on!)
---Nice beam angle. Just wide enough for indoors, just narrow enough for outdoors. Somebody on this forum said that for under 50-75 feet the E2 is perfect; for more than 75 feet you need something else. I think this is exactly right. But it does throw very far for its size (at least 50 feet, brightly).

---We shined it along side a Mag 3D and the E2 was brighter, but I wouldn't say it "blew it away" (in terms of brightness) by any means. For size and weight, yes it blows it away, but it didn't look that much brighter. But the beam quality is perfect.
---The box it came in said E2e but the light was an E2. That's a $15 mistake by whoever sold it to him. I didn't bother to burst his bubble.
---The tailcap took a good bit of effort to twist. I didn't like that, but I guess it won't move on you accidentally. And I was expecting it to 'click' into the On and Off positions (I didn't know any better; I've never used a SF before).

Thanks for reading my loooong post.


Apr 27, 2002
Aurora, Ontario, Canada
Hi, DoubleE,

If this were your light, I'd suggest taking it back and get what it sez in the box--though be careful, there is another version of the E2e floating around that isn't the HAIII with the hex anti-roll bezel and doesn't have the pyrex lens.

The other thing I'd suggest doing is sending it back to the dealer or SureFire for check, as the LOTC operation does not seem normal--at least that's not how my HAIII/Hex/Pyrex E2e works.




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Dec 23, 2002
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, United Kingdom
The box it came in said E2e but the light was an E2.
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">I had exactly the same confusion over here in the UK. I ordered an "E2E HA" through the UK distributer. The box is labelled "E2e Executive" and contains an E2. In the end, I kept the E2, but I do think that Surefire could use a better nomenclature system.

I suppose I should have ordered an "E2E Executive Elite - Hard Anodised", instead of "E2E - HA"

Confusing eh?



p.s. as for ordering spare parts through the UK distributer....they have given each and every item a code number different from those used by Surefire themselves.....


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Nov 1, 2002
Santa Clara, Ca
Hi doubleE,

I have seen the same thing but what you describe may not be a problem at all (you be the judge). Do the following to see what I mean:

1. Turn the light on by twisting the cap clockwise.
2. Turn the cap counterclockwise just enough to turn the light off.
3. Using thumb and forefinger push forward on the tailcap Aluminum housing.
4. You will see the light come on as if you had pushed the momentary switch. You will also feel a discrete forward movement of the tailcap and possibly hear a click.
5. If you turn the tailcap counterclockwise just a little more this behavior will be corrected. Surefire does say to turn the tailcap half a turn from the on position.

I notice this in both my E2e's and in my M2 (but it is much harder to get the M2 to do it - it has much tighter machining tolerances). Also remember that as the tailcap is rotated its mechanical components shift; this may also be a cause of the momentary flicker (but this is just a wild guess).

I hope this helps out. BTW - If your friend ordered an E2e HA and did not get the right thing then the light should be exchanged for the correct item. No one should have to live with a mistake like that.