Eafengrow EF27


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Feb 15, 2009
Melbourne - Australia
Video on VEOH

Flipper / BB / D2 ... Cheap @ $16.81 Oz bananas to my door ! ( That's Cheap ) ..

Lets get right to performance :
Edge rolled almost right away .... Butt ... It kept slicing the printer paper !
Around 200 slices the roll seemed to go away . ( Happens when it's a micro roll )
Fail came at 400 slices - & After a bit of a wood strop , the edge was slicing paper again !

Mods : To make the knife Bushcrafty ! I ground the spine for a clean 90 deg edge .
I hated the flipper tab , so ground it away !
The line 'r lock was soft , so I overly tightened it so much it hurt to dis engage .
I ground away the other side of the liners to give more purchase for my thumb ( To close the knife ) Hurts less too !
So yeah , now it's a Bushcrafty folder !

The edge / blade are / is horribly ground . Looks great , but when you sharpen it ( Wet stone grinder or guided system ) you can quickly see how far out the grinds are on the blade . But and it's a huge butt ! For less then 17 bananas you get decent edge retention and a knife your not afraid to mod . It's never going to be a family heirloom , what it it is though is a decent knife for the money .
So if you plan on making a bushcrafty kit to throw in the back of the car or your back pack = Yeah ! ( Why not ) That's what I plan on doing , make a kit to throw in the trunk of my car .

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