Eagletac M3C4 XM-L Parasitic battery drain



Since the parasitic drain of the M3C4 can drain a fresh set of batteries in 3 months I've seen 3 different options to eliminate the problem.

1: Install the Clicky end cap that came with the light

2: Store with the head off

3: Store the light with the battery carrier out of the light

I really would preffer none of these options, But i guess if i had to choose one i'd install the clicky. I was wondering could i just turn the head loose 1 or 2 turns untill the light don't turn on and leave it like that? would this eliminate the parasitic drain since it seems the battery carrier isn't making contact with the head? I'd really preffer this way since i can keep the light in it's holster and everything would be ready to go besides a turn or 2 of the head

Sorry if this has been discussed, I didn't see anything that answered this question