Earth Day 2024?


Flashlight Enthusiast
Dec 7, 2022
West Virginia, North America
I think it was that way growing up. I could definately notice I didn't have any of the same freedoms that my parents or grandparents had or even some people that were 5 or so years older than me had.

Like why couldn't I have a cigerette when you could freely buy them in Georgia in the 90s? Shops like IGA or 7-11 would have signs saying 18 for tobacco products but in GA you could buy them from vending machines in diners. Then it was 21 for some other things.

Why couldn't I watch any movie I want? Why do I have to be in my 20s to drink if a British can at 16? Our Americans an inferior people that we don't have the same freedoms as Europeans and British at the same age?

One thing is for sure though the people that don't like rights or people that think differently that they do are a paper tiger. They easily get bothered if you don't accept their world view and crumble at actual resistance.