EDC/Get home bags



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Aug 16, 2016
Northern Canada
Good morning everyone,

as per some conversations that have come up in other threads, Id like to open up a discussion on what you have setup for an EDC bag, or in turn if its a "get home bag". I know some cases can make these bags different, but in my eyes, if its the bag you have on a daily basis and would use in an emergency, that falls into those categories. Do you guys see them as a different option?

For me personally, I find my self hardly at home. I am working out of a vehicle/tent (usually in the bush), or from a room where I don't have many options. This bag also acts as a mobile office (photo/Video editing) so some of my items may seem a bit off, but if you have any questions, please ask away!

For my bag, I use an old LOCK BLS medical bag I still have from several moons ago. It works well as a repurposed edc bag because of the multi pocket options.

In it:

1. Medical
- Basic trauma kit, everything from simple cuts to multiple gunshot wounds (dressings, tourniquet, h-h bandage)

2. Tools (Multi-tool, light, SAK, tool kit and hand held are contained in a Maxpedition triad pouch for belt wear when needed)
- Primary knife (Mac-1 rescue)
- Olight m3xs (primary search light - charger included)
- Leatherman wave (tool kit included)
- swiss army knife
- Fenix pd35 (two spare 18650's)
- Hand held motorola two way
- Cannon T3 (cards/flash drives)
- Gopro H4 black (various accessories)
- Macbook air
- Portable charger

2-A. Tools (pocket organizer)
- Ferro Rod
- Sharpening kit
- whistle
- tinder (water proof pill container)
- lighter

3. Navigation
- Vehicle mounted Garmin
- Road map of province (included oil field roads)
- Hand held garmin at times

4. Extras
- Note book (camera settings, co-ordinates, flashlight functions)
- Various Charge cables (phone, go pro)
- Extra 12g rounds
- Spare battery case (18650s, aa's, aaa's, cr123s)
- Hygiene kit (deodorant, hand sani, lens cleaning kit)

That looks like about everything, I will add some photos tonight when I get the chance. I love seeing what types kits people have in this area of things, personal needs and wants can vary greatly which we can all learn from.

Thank you for you time folks, again, if you have questions ask away, if not feel free to join in and show us what you have!