EDCing Trit Vials?



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Sep 4, 2012
Hello All.
This will be my first post on here so here it goes!
I was at the USN Gathering this past labor day and i got to see around 15 (what i would call SUPER) trited out flashlights. My favorite was the V10R that he had done, so when i got home i made it my goal to make a V10R my first project. I just sent it out to get 16-18 vials put in all around the light. I was reading on a few threads that on the Lummi lights the trits would fall out.
So this is my Question:
Do any of you have problems when you EDC your lights with trit in them? Do they fall out? Do you have any tips for carry?
Thanks all for the input! looking forward to spending more time on the site!


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Nov 8, 2011
I have five 2 x 8 in my HDS rotary, have not had a problem yet. With that being said I would not make a habit of dropping the light as the vials are rather sensitive. You also need to get some Norland optical adhesive to glue them in. I am sure you could find some at the cpfmarketplace. Also I would imagine the more trits you have the more likely they are too break, but I am very hard on stuff hence why I carry an HDS as an edc. Welcome to cpf!


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Oct 13, 2006
It's not an absolute necessity to use Norland to mount the trits. You can use other clear adhesives (clear fingernail polish) but to get the most light from the trits (which isn't much to begin with) Norland is the best.


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Jan 29, 2009
I put a trit in a lanyard hole using some norland. It started falling out, so every so often I push it back in ;-)

Maybe someday I'll pick up another thing of 2 part epoxy. that stuff works pretty well too, though a little less forgiving and makes you work fast

Edit: the lanyard hole is one of those ones that looks like just a milled slot. Pretty hard to make something that would stay in there unless I actually did some work to the metal. Just a cheapo ultrafire A10