El Capitan gone AWOL and a cracked case.


Newly Enlightened
Dec 5, 2006
I lost my qtc hi cri El Capitan a few months ago. It was a nice little pocket light and I had put a few o-rings around the battery tube and even kept a small Nite Ize gear tie rapped around it(great for propping up/hanging it to illuminate the task at hand). Of course at this point I had completely forgot about the o-rings and gear tie being on the light. I would look around for it every so often for a month or so until I bought a L3 L10 with a 219. After that it kind of slipped my mind all together. Today it randomly popped in my head to look around for it one final time. No dice.:shrug: After giving up hope for ever finding it again, I sat down on the couch to start drafting a flashlight design to make on my lathe. I had just about completed a rough draft when I dropped my pencil down into the couch, between the cushion and the arm rest. I reach down for the the pencil, as I go to snatch it up I feel something else down there. At first I felt a strange piece of irregularly shaped rubber(the gear tie) and then cold metal. After a brief second of confusion, it hit me! My long lost Peak El Capitan had surfaced! Now I lay in bed with a pounding head ache, most likely caused by intense feelings of stupidity from not looking into the dark abyss of the couch crack.:ohgeez: Anyway, that's the story of my Capitan gone AWOL. Thanks for watching.