Emergency Survival Hammers - Ball Batons - Glass Breakers


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Apr 8, 2009
Tucson, AZ USA
Emergency Survival Hammers - Ball Batons - Glass Breakers, in two varieties. "A Stock"/ $23ea. and "B Stock" $13ea.

$23ea.- Made from 1/2" REBAR for a handle, and a 1.5" steel ball welded to one end, and a steel nut double welded to the other end. This hammer weighs roughly 14.5oz. and is virtually indestructible. Ready for the finish of your choice or just drop it in your pocket and go. Wrap it in leather or paracord, spray paint it, or Plasti-Dip it. The possibilities are endless. Caught in a wash with the water rising? No windshield can stand up to the survival hammer, in fact, not much can stand up to the survival hammer. Good for survival situations, your bug out bag, personal defense. These are $20+$3 shipping, each. These are available Plasti-dipped or plain steel. Please specify which way you want yours. If you do not specify, the default option is un-coated plain steel. Shipping is by USPS, PayPal preferred. Worldwide shipping at cost.
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$13ea.- "B Stock" hammers. They are available at the discounted price of $10+$3 shipping ea. They may be off center, have heavy welds, and / or be blemished in some other way. No returns at this price. Please make a $13 offer and mention "B Stock". I will accept your offer and ship your hammer(s) ASAP!
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