Emitter swap for Niwalker NWK220 (1x18650, XP-E)?


Newly Enlightened
Feb 9, 2022
Los Altos
Hi, I'm not new to flashlights but new to ever deciding to try messing with modifications.

I have an older flashlight that I love the form factor of, the tightly collimated beam, everything... But at 220 lumens, and cold white, is outperformed by normal people flashlights. This exact flashlight:

I was wondering about doing an emitter swap, probably for an SST20, I was wondering if just ordering from Mohrlumens and getting the convoy modification stuff like an SST20 2700k emitter on board would:

1. Fit, with some need for troubleshooting a perfect fit centering disk
2. Can just swap emitter without needing to change board out, and what costs in runtime, etc etc would be
I'm definitely not mechanically handy and while I have access to a soldering station, much prefer to make things relatively plug and play. How hard is modifying and upgrading the emitter going to be? I already have more modern lights, so this is more a fun project if not too stupidly difficult.