Energizer 15 minute charger


Flashlight Enthusiast
Oct 28, 2003
Sycamore, Illinois
I was at Walmart yesterday, and saw that Energizer now has a 15 minute charger that comes with 4 NiMH AA's (either 2200 or 2300 mah, can't remember which). It is exactly the same price as the IC3 system from Ray-O-Vac. However there is no mention of the availability of a car cord on the package, although the plug-in for the standard cord says input of something like 11-14 volts (I think). It also doesn't say if it charges ANY NiMH battery in 15 minutes, or just the Energizers. I have the IC3 system, and like it. I was wondering how Energizer's system stacks up against Ray-O-Vac's.