Energy throughput--Lens vs. reflector


Newly Enlightened
Dec 10, 2009
All the time during my modding projects

I had the impression to get more light OTF when using lenses instead of reflectors.

The last two days I measured it.

The following graph shows the Energy throughput of

2 lenses and 2 reflectors. As a result you see that

lenses will give you between 6-10% more OTF Lumen.


So it was a good decision to use the lenses for the

AURORA modding instead of the original reflector.

I will add the complete story in another thread.

My feeling is that reflectors are real mass products

and not optimized with respect to reflectivity.

When we look for an optimum of OTF lumens

we have to take in account that we easily can

win 6-10% with lenses and another 7-8%

with double sided antireflectance coating at

the front window instead of normal glass.


In the graph above you see the difference in Transmission between the

normal AURORA front window and an UCL lens from