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Oct 31, 2007
Willamette Valley, OR
Having different camping trips scheduled back-to-back made for one interesting day of travel:

  1. The day began by waking up in camp on an obscure river in Alaska
  2. River travel via my Dad's flat-bottom riverboat w/ 25 HP outboard motor
  3. Got back to my hometown, packed up and flew to Fairbanks via a twin-engine bush plane
  4. My friend picked me up in his truck and we drove out to the Castner Glacier (southeast of Fairbanks)
  5. Backpacked up the moraine toward the glacier before turning in for the day.

So: riverboat, twin-engine plane, car, and backpacking; two camping trips in one day. :)


Second trip worth mentioning:

  1. The day began by waking up on a train near Bologna, Italy
  2. Italian train arriving in Paris later that morning
  3. Took a taxicab for travel between one train terminal and another
  4. Riding the French TGV :))) to Brittany
  5. Taking a bus to Roscoff at the Channel.
  6. Taking the Roscoff Ferry to Plymouth, England
  7. Bicycling ~30 mi to Ashburton

So: Italian train, taxicab, French train, bus, ferry, bicycle; covering three separate countries :)

Edit: Maybe four countries now that I think about it - the first train may have gone through Switzerland to get to Paris. :thinking:
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Nov 12, 2010
CONUS, top left
1. Plane to Oslo
2. Train to Myrdal (Bergen line)
3. Train to Flåm (Flåm line)
* ~ 12 miles
* ~ 2800' elevation change
* 20 tunnels
* 1 bridge
* > 5 % gradient
4. Boat to Gudvangen (via fjord)
5. Bus to Voss
6. Train to Bergen (Bergen line)
7. Ferry from Bergen

Time: ~ one day ... :)

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Oct 22, 2012
Bluegrass Region of KY
My travels seem boring compared to yall's lol. I guess my only real traveling adventure (at least one that isn't the typical I went here and did/saw this) trip was a couple years ago when I went to Oklahoma for the national 4H land judging competition. We got there Monday night after driving straight through from Kentucky and the weather was comfortable, probably mid 70s °F at 9pm. Woke up Tuesday it was 90, sun shining and clear skies. We went to a little attraction place that had go-carts, mini golf, bumper boats etc then went and looked at a few different things in Oklahoma City. Wednesday the weather was still nice and we went out to the practice area for most of the day. Thursday rolled around and while we were getting ready for the competition that day, we noticed it was snowing. This was the last week of April and it had gone from the mid to upper 90s to below freezing and snowing over night. It warmed up to the mid 40s by the time we got the competition site but the wind was blowing something fierce and it was raining sideways, literally. It was a miserable two hours as we were out in the middle of wide open plains with no shelter besides vehicles. We finally finished and left. Friday rolls around and it's back into the 90s and clear skies. We leave OK to head back to KY and as we come into Missouri we run into a snow storm. Everything was covered in at least 3 inches of snow and visibility was very low. By the time we get out of Missouri we are back into 70s and rain.

I'm used to crazy KY weather where the saying is if you don't like the weather wait 10 minutes and it will change but that the weather on that trip really surprised me. Luckily I always pack for all weather no matter the time of year but I wasn't fully prepared for snow storms the last week of April/first week of May.

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