Ese LZ2 Stainless Steel 1AA Review: BEAMSHOTS, RUNTIMES, & more.


May 27, 2006
Necromancy note for anyone logging into this review for the first time: this review is over 5 years old. :whistle:

Just so you guys know, this light is now out of production, and I have only been able to find it on a Chinese site called GoodLuckBuy. Just so happens that the one they are selling uses 14500 batteries, not the standard AA. I found this light while browsing DIY bike flashlight mounts, and I love it so far, I just wish I had known. I write this in hopes that I can save someone else some time and frustration!
That's a good illustration of the nature of the budget light world - physical builds can persist for quite some time, but frequently with changed drivers and emitter. In many cases, lights don't remain stable for months (much less years). But thanks for the specific confirmation in this case.

It also underscores why I don't do budget light reviews any more - the review often long outlives the actual light it was examining, which is problematic when things change. As a good rule of thumb, I suggest readers assumed a much lower "expiry date" for the more budget-type light reviews out there.