Experiences with Cree replacement lamps for the S/F G2?


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Nov 27, 2004
Adelaide, Australia
Yes I know, there are now quite a few to choose from, starting about US$15.00 and up to US$50.00. Some fit and some dont.

My main concerns are;

1, must be suitable for 1x 17670, 2x CR123's, 2x RCR123's (3.7 V to 9 V).
2, must install properly, no gaps etc.
3, heat is not an issue, my G2 is on for no more than few minutes at a time.

What are your experiences?
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Dec 16, 2002
I'm running the Litemania one ($50) in a G2Z with the original (long) reflector, which means there was a gap initially.

It works fine now but needed tweaking:

As the reflector was too long, or rather, too wide, I had to grind down the sides of the reflector's end until the gap disappeared (the outer spring had to be removed anyway).

However, the pill didn't make contact with the metal tube of the G2Z. In order to make it work, I had to use a metal ring first but after a while I found that the gap between pill and tube was so small that I just had to unscrew the pill a bit and it made contact.

So, the Cree replacement does have the potential to work in the G2Z (and I assume in the G2 as well) but does need customization to actually fit and work correctly.

I'm not sure about the heat issue but so far, I had it running for 20 min continuously at room temperature and it did get hot but didn't die on me...

As I don't really run lights continuously and the P61 I used before only ran for 20 min before needing new batteries, that's good enough for me.


Apr 28, 2006
I've got a G2Z as well, and would love to put a Cree in it... but it would be nice if something just fit without all the modifications necessary.