Experiment with Optics


Oct 26, 2002
Tipp City, Ohio
Since I have a bad cold and it reached all 10 degrees here today, I couldn't go out to the workshop at all and had to do something to keep from going berzerk!

So, I had an idea for an experiment; if sputtering (texturizing) was effective for reflectors, why wouldn't it also work for optics?

Well, I had a spare Fraen LP with a visible scratch on it - so I gave it a try...


I put it into an older LGI that had it's original LD replaced with a LuxIII. Once I get another Fraen LP put into my SLGI (it currently has a reflector) I'll try to do a comparison.

My initial impression is that it does indeed smooth out the beam, much like it does with a reflector. The typical fraen LP beamshape was still square, but softer around the edges, and very uniform - even right into the the corners.

I was kind of hoping to create more spill, though I don't think it really did.

I've had optic/Lux combinations that looked kind of ugly with regards to beam quality, even though they were supposed to be a good match. My FT-3C had a rather ugly beam, no matter how much I tried to tweak it.

I was only able to correct it by replacing the optic. Now it has a pretty decent beam. I'll have to try sputtering that other 30mm optic and see what happens...

Thanks for watching - John