Extreme Micro Dragon and Extreme Micro Turbo Dragon


Nov 29, 2009
Minneapolis, MN
Loving the looks of this in Black EN. I've been waiting for the right opportunity to get a mule and this is it. Ordered...

I would love to start seeing L-M-H on more of these smaller lights Chris is producing. I understand starting on High for larger lights (still prefer LMH even there), but on something this small I'm not sure that most people want to start on High. Just my opinion but most of the time L or M will suffice.

Nonetheless a really nice offering. Thanks Chris and Bob.


Flashlight Enthusiast
Nov 22, 2015
California (Bay Area)
So, here's a quick summary:

Got the light today (UPS held it for two days when it was an hour away, smh!) and first impressions are favorable. Impeccable machining as usual and super light! I guess I wasn't expecting just how light it is compared to my SS 10280.

That said, I was somewhat put-off by the battery rattle: it was seriously excessive. Then I noticed that the front o-ring was poking out a lot...QC?

So I popped the o-ring out and screwed out the pill and reset it. As for the battery rattling it seems you can screw it down more so that the rattling stops. Mode switching can be kind of finicky.

Anyways, this light is bright! Seriously, it definitely lives up to expectations in this regard.

So in summary, small issue with the o-ring, but overall very happy with the light. I might upload a video review, as well, in the foreseeable future. ^_^

And here of course are some pics:

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