February's Give Away


Oct 2, 2014
Hey everyone. The CPF community is awesome. Since I've joined I received help in just about every area you can imagine. Electronics, design, testing, small business advice. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be making flashlights if CPF wasn't here, so I need to give something back. I'm going to give away one of my aluminum TinyDC flashlights, a sapphire lens, blue trits installed in the optic and two AW IMR cells. Shipping is on me, and I'll ship it anywhere the winner lives.

To be entered in the give away, all you have to do is post on this thread the average number of espresso related drinks I consumed a day while making the last batch of TinyDC lights. It's between 1 and 6. I'll accept any answer within 1 standard deviation. I'll let this run for a week and announce the winner next Friday. Tell your friends, or don't?

Thanks everyone!

******* EDIT *********
I'm guessing 3. Thanks for the opportunity.

And the winner is wolfstyle. Wolfstyle, you'll have a PM shortly.

For those who are interested, I drink on average 3 a day with a standard deviation of a little less than 1.5, so any answers greater than 1.5 and less than 4.5 would have been correct.


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