Fenix CL09 Lantern


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Sep 12, 2006
I got a Fenix CL09 in the mail today and thought I'd share some pictures and thoughts. Normally I don't post any information about lights that I don't like but I actually really like this one so I guess you are about to get an ear full :sssh:.

It's about the size of a Fenix E15 (standing next to it), only about 1/2" longer. It has the twisty on/off action like the E15 only its the tail cap that you twist. It always starts out on low. It has 4 modes, red, blinking red and green. If you don't want to cycle through all those low modes to get back to low, just turn off for a couple of seconds and it resets back to the low mode. I'm really not a fan of color modes but they don't bother me at all. Maybe it would look cool with a green porch light next to my tent when camping with others :D. It comes with a rechargeable 16340 battery (one of Fenix new 16340 batteries with the built in USB port). I kind of wish it would have just come with a regular 16340 battery but this one will do. I'm not sure if I'll use CR123A's or 16340's at the moment but probably will keep a 16340 in it but take spare CR123A's when camping.

I really like the size of it. It complements my other Fenix lanterns. It has a magnet in the tail cap and the hook is very handy to dangle it in a tent.


Quite a bit smaller than the CL25R and CL20


Tint is a little more cool white than the other Fenix lanterns but there is no blue or green with it at all.


Fenix posts the output and run times with the manual. Later when I get some time I'll update what I measure the output levels as.
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Apr 29, 2006
Central Florida, USA
err..... theres no physical way of using an extension sleeve on it. the cell diameter allowed is meant for 16340s... you'll need to widen the internal diameter by at least 2mm. This might be something to consider with a sleeve for 17670 cells.