Fenix CL25R lantern won't turn on


May 18, 2017
I bought a new Fenix CL25R LED lantern from MEC in Toronto. I put in brand new button top 18650 battery with + facing up to the top.
the light never turn on. I tried a flat top battery but it is still dead. I already removed plastic sheet at the bottom screw end.


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Sep 12, 2006
In addition to having to hold the button down for a couple of seconds there is possibility of another issue. I purchased one of these lanterns for my daughter who lives in another state and she could not get her lantern to turn on the first time...........so we had a little discussion over the phone. I also told her about the plastic sheet which she said she had removed. What her problem was that she did not have the cap screwed on all the way.

Without a proper connection between the battery or the tail cap, you can still power the lantern on via the USB port. See if the lantern works that way. That at least proves the lantern works. If it does, then its a connection issue. Likely the cap just isn't screwed on all the way. Those caps are kind of stiff. This post is a bit old, but if you ever did get things figured out, let us know.
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Sep 1, 2013
Athens Greece
Reviving this old thread (for the next person that his CL25R wont turn on :) , mine won't turn on after a couple of years of use (=removing the battery for charging) and the issue was in the cap. If for some reason stops working, remove the end cap, touch using a wire the minus of the battery and the tube and try to turn on by holding the button.

I had to fix the cap by adding a small round piece of solder wick around the "thing" (don't know how it is called) that hold the spring and the magnet