Fenix flashlights... Did I get a lemon?

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I'm new to the flashlight thing, but I can already tell from reading the threads on here I might become a flashaholic. :)

My question is about the Fenix E21 I just received today from Amazon. I chose this brand because I was under the impression that it was a modest step up in quality from the Maglite brand I typically purchased.

I put the batteries in and tried it out, and sometimes when I have the head twisted all the way clockwise, it will flicker between the high lumen output and the low. I'm not positive, but I think when I shake the flashlight it cuts out for a split second and comes back on. (Not very scientific testing, I know).

I put another set of AA's in, and it seemed to be OK for the most part. Still a little bit of flickering between the two outputs. Then I put the other batteries in again. This time when I push the button to turn it on, it just stays black until I shake it. This happens almost every time I re-install the batteries now, and it seems to get worse (I have to shake it more) the more I change out the batteries. This has happened with 6 different batteries I have tried (both Panasonic and Duracell).

Did I get a lemon? Or is this what I should be expecting from this company? If I send it back to Amazon should I ask for a refund or just an exchange? My Mini Maglite lights up every time without fail. That's what I need out of this flashlight (it's going in my emergency bag).