Fenix L1D First Impressions....AGAIN (Focusing on UI This time)


Mar 3, 2005
Nashville, TN
Well like so many other folks I just got my Fenix L1D-CE. I won't go into the beam, brightness etc. since that has been hashed out several times before. What I would like to talk about is the user interface or UI for short.

IMHO, the UI on the Fenix L1D/L2D is just about perfect for a multi level light. I love it. It is intuitive, easy to move between levels and lets you instantly go from dim to bright if need be. You can start the light in max mode if you like or low mode if you like. Basically this is the best UI I have used on a multi mode light. I still think the Surefire light press then full press is the best for a dual mode light but Fenix really knocked it out of the park with their UI for a multi mode light.

The L1D would make a dandy EDC light. Still love my HDS EDCs more though but the thought of an EDC with a slightly more refined UI similar to the Fenix would be perfect.