Fenix-Store.com Under New Management - a letter from David Chow

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Apr 4, 2010
Munich, Germany
A few minutes ago I read this:

Dear Fenix-Store Friends, Fans, and Fanatics past, present, and future!

It has been an exciting 6+ years developing and distributing competitive flashlights during this exciting period of time where LED's are progressing by leaps and bounds year after year. It has been a great and yet ongoing journey for me to get the best flashlights into as many people's hands as possible.

Fenix-Store.com had its beginnings in 2005 in the basement of our house and it has progressed into a full world-wide retail distribution. Fenix-Store.com is well known for its excellent customer service and the free world-wide shipping model which so many use everyday.

We are happy to announce that Fenix-Store.com has been purchased by a very capable group out of Oklahoma who have promised to meet or exceed the service that we've offered in the last 6 years. We actually had several opportunities which we turned down because they were not familiar with the type of service we provided as well as the close-knit customer base we have come to know and serve.

We will be making the transition in 10 days from November 29th to December 7th. The store will remain operational but shipping and processing of orders as well as pre/post-sales inquiries will be on hold until December 8th.

They will be handling all pre/post-sales inquiries as well as all dealers and RMA/service needs from December 8th on. Fenix-Store.com will operate as before with all accounts as before - so there will be no change for all our Fenix customers. Shipping will continue to be free to anywhere on earth.

The new owner’s contact information is:
2103 W. Greeley St.
Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Email: [email protected]
Office: 918-258-5765
Fax: 888-368-4498

David Chow

47 now under new leadership without David?
What do you think about progress and quality in the future?

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Oct 26, 2009
No, it's not 4sevens that's under new leadership, it's only the "fenix-store" part. Don't worry about 4sevens.
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