Fenix TK12 XP-G R5 VS Lumapower Signature GX Xp-G R5…??


Newly Enlightened
Jun 3, 2009
Penang Island, Malaysia
Hi Guys,
Sort of new here…and have this question would like to ask those who owns either one of them, or better still, both..

They are bring priced more or less the same with current promotion…so, not taking the cost/price of each flashlight into consideration..which one would you prefer and why..?

I am planning to use them on 2 x AW RCR123 3.7v, without purchasing new 18650, and am looking for one that could give the brightest output with comfortable handling, built quality, heat dissipate efficiency and etc… Thanks in advance...!!



Mar 15, 2011
I am new here too but here are my two cents. I think the Lumapower is a lot brighter and has the extra head so you will get better spill and throw too. It is a compact and I think well built light. I have the Lumapower Sig. LX and love it. I do believe that there was a problem with the beam and reflector on that model you ask about. I think a different reflector was given but the beam is not suppose to be the greatest. There are updates on that unit since which may be worthwhile looking at. Somehow I bet you end up with both lol.