Fenix TK15 tail cap compatibility?


Newly Enlightened
Oct 18, 2010
I have an old TK15 with a pressure switch tail cap as a weapon light for my bump in the night gun. I recently moved it to a new firearm, that has an mlok handguard. I was struggling to get the pressure switch velcroed to the handguard and eventually ended up accidentally pulling the wire out of the back of tail cap. I tried to solder it back on but it didn't end up working. The tailcap also has a switch but it intermittently fails to turn on the light and there's now a hole in it that can't be good for its IPX rating. Id like to get a new tailcap but from what I have read Fenix does not offer replacements. Are there any other replacement tail caps that are compatible with the Fenix? It doesn't have to be a pressure switch, but Id like something to get this light back in service.