Fenix TK35 & Maelstrom S12 ... Apples and Oranges


Newly Enlightened
Jul 18, 2010
As the title indicates, I realize this is very much not an apples to apples comparison as the two lights are entirely different. I have the S12 and think its great, for some reason I have this itchin to buy the TK35 (was going to wait for the X10) but with the lower lumen rating and the fact that its still weeks away I may not have patience. So, the question is this, I took a screenshot from Goinggearss videos of each flashlight and then put the images side by side (see photo). I figured the difference would be very noticeable.

To me, the difference isn't that noticeable.. I can tell that the TK has a more concentrated hotspot but at a glance the S12 almost looks brighter to me. The variable that I can't make my mind up on is the lighting. You will clearly see that the TK 35 shot (on the right) has much more ambient light. I'm not sure if that light is making the TK look less impressive. Any thoughts?