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Fiber Optic Lights to Make LED Starlight Headliner & Star Ceiling


Newly Enlightened
Apr 6, 2023
Making a LED starry ceiling in car, bedroom, living room, or home theater is most of the practical applications of fiber optic lights. First of all, we have to know the features of lighting fiber optic, it doesn't emit light, comes in various diameters, flexible, can be cut at will, does not conduct electricity and heat and any radiation. These features make fiber optic lights safe for use in museums, underwater, and other professional places.

Fiber optic cables must be used with a fiber optic light source, if you want to present different colors on the fiber, you need to find the appropriate fiber optic light source. Twinkle fiber optic illuminator is a special one than single-color/RGB/RGBW fiber optic LED illuminator. It can simulate the real starry sky effect, presenting the feeling of fiber optic stars blinking. You can achieve your desired fiber effect with an RF remote or a Bluetooth/WiFi-Tuya mobile APP. Some fiber optic light engines also support music rhythm.

It is also possible to use fiber optic light in commercial premises, and some fiber optic light sources are compatible with DMX communication technology, easily integrated into your building lighting control system.

Fiber optic types:

1. End Glow Fiber Optic Cable

These fibers focus the light from the LED illuminator to the tail end and are perfect for star ceilings and car starlight headliners.

2. Side Glow Fiber Optic Cable (full-body glow)
These fibers are suitable for outlining lines. Fiber optic cables with wings can easily get stuck in the seams and are often used in car interiors.

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