FiveMega 1.25D Mag, tri-bored



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Jan 7, 2009
The Netherlands, Amstelveen
Today, the postman came and delivered a very nice package from the US: no less than three FM creations were in it. I have them up and running the way I would like them to, they all work flawlessly, as I've come to expect from FiveMega. This is the most compact way to have a 3S li-ion setup I think. This little light has a glass lens, metal reflector with cam, a WA1166 bulb (11.6V / 1.97A) with FM PR-to-bi-pin-adapter, and a special FM battery holder, capable of holding three 16650 batteries in series. The results are excellent! I can't wait until it's dark outside so I can try it. For sure, this light makes a perfect "in the woods" light. The bulb draws close to 2 Amps, so a runtime of over a full hour is possible. IMG_5879.JPG

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