Flashight out of plumbing parts?


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Sep 21, 2002
New Jersey
MrBadger said:
I was thinking Milky Candle as well. Not to hijack the thread, but what ever happend to that?

Milky Candle is alive and well, though I haven't done a build of version 2, the MC2, yet. It's still alive though, and I do intend to do a build of at least 100 units, possibly more depending on interest.

In the meantime... the same housing I use for the MC2 has also worked to build Luxeon lights running either 1x123 or 2x123, with output currents up to about 400mA. Generally I don't like to go above that level due to lack of a thermal path to the outside of the light. 350mA seems pretty much perfect and has never let me down! :eek: