Flashlight/Stun Gun Combos- Any high end/quality ones?

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Apr 20, 2010
Hi all,

I just got back from my nightly walk, and I encountered a pack of 5 coyotes! Luckily, my Jetbeam RRT0SE on turbo & strobe was enough to scare them off, but that was at a distance. Who knows what might happen up close & personal.

Also, there are the 2 legged creatures to deal with from time to time as well.

So, some time ago, I got one of those cheapie chinese ebay/amazon special flashlight/stun gun combo units. The one I got, claims an output of 130 lumens (which isn't too far off, believe it or not), and a stun output of over a million volts (can't remember the claimed voltage, but it was in the million range).

The light is about the size of a SureFire 9P, slightly thicker. Looks about like a standard 2 18650 cell light I think, so it's not impossible to carry. A little on the big side, but not ridiculous. It also appears like a standard black flashlight.

While it doesn't feel like a total piece of garbage, it doesn't feel like a SureFire or a Jetbeam, either. A little plasticy, and probably wouldn't hold up to too many force on force encounters.

So, does anyone out there manufacture a high quality unit like this? It is really a handy combo, and a good alternative for times when a firearm isn't do-able, or as a backup.

Here are some photos of the unit I got-







This unit is rechargeable via a small cord that plugs into the back of the unit, and it doesn't appear to be able to remove/replace the cells.

The slide switch in the first position turns the light on, in the second position, the light turns off, but puts the stun on standby, and the stun is activated by a push button on the other side of the unit. Not a bad UI actually.
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