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Mar 12, 2011
Champlain Valley

Welcome aboard.

If you're reading this, it's because you signed up to receive email updates from Foursevens. As many of you probably know, Prometheus Lights recently acquired the brand and assets of Foursevens.

>>>Read the Acquisition Announcement<<<

Many of you have questions about warranties, future plans for products, and additional valid concerns. My hope is to address as many as I can in the coming weeks, starting with a few below.

For the time-being I will keep this list to Foursevens-related topics, but the plan will be to migrate to the main Prometheus mailing list which will keep everyone in the loop on all things Prometheus AND Foursevens.

I promise to do my best to carry on the Foursevens legacy of innovation in LED flashlights and continuing my long-standing practice of transparency and authenticity with everything I do as a maker and a small business owner.


Jason Hui
Owner & Founder, Prometheus Lights

"What's going to happen to Foursevens products?"

Plans are in the works! We've been fielding great feedback from customers on which products to keep, and we love the passion. In the meantime, we just posted New Old Stock (NOS) on the site. Limited quantities (for now).

What's up with this acquisition thing?

David (Chow) and I made the official announcement a few weeks ago at SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Very brief video, which you can check out on the blog.

Why did David Chow sell Foursevens?

I can't and won't speak for David, but I did sit down with him at SHOTShow and recorded this podcast episode. This might help answer some of those "why" questions.

What's going to happen to my Foursevens warranty?

By far the most frequently asked question since the announcement. I get into much greater detail at the link below, but here's my guiding mission: I want to make as many people happy as possible without bankrupting the company.

I get into a LOT more detail on the warranty page, and I ask that you take the time to read the whole thing. I also ask that you respect the Product Roadmap, which gets into greater detail about which products will be supported by warranties and when.

Lastly, I know that some of you may have no idea who I am. For those interested in learning, check out The Story section on the site to learn more about how I got into machining, my mission, and why it is I get up every morning
to put precision-crafted products out into the world.

Thanks for reading! I look forward to learning more about you and what you want to see from Prometheus Lights and Foursevens.


Jul 12, 2011
hoping Jason would introduce some amazing flashlight to kick things off.....