Foursevens: Research Poll- what do you want to see?


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Jan 5, 2008
Boden, Sweden
Re: Hurry up new Quarks!

My dream light would have a simple UI and with 3 modes: low, mid and high. Without memory but instead:

Low: long click from off.
Mid: short click from off
High: double click from off and from low and mid.

The levels could be programable.

Just dreaming!
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Oct 26, 2009
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Hi Folks,

I'd like to ask what you want?

Consider this a Foursevens "brainstorm" session and just throw stuff out.

Changes to the existing product?A new flashlight?
A new lighting product?Different finish?
Different material?Different battery platform?
You name it!

As a designer, Jason wants to make lights that you will get excited about, not just exercise his own vision,

so let him know what would get you excited!

Thanks in advance.
Jason...Thanks for the work you've done the past three years on the FourSevens line of lights. I'd like to suggest one product, and one "accessory."

Product: I'd love to see a Mini Mark II-style light that uses an 18350 cell. No extra bells or whistles, with about the same power output levels and interface as the Mini Mark III; in essence, a slightly more muscular pocket light with the longer runtimes offered by the 18350 battery. Related to this, I prefer the dogbone style body on the Mark II, and in any case the larger diameter body an 18350 light would have wouldn't fit the magnetic headband lock used in the Mark III.

Edit. Upon reflection, it might help avoid negative impact to the 16340 version, if my desired 18350 version were to utilize slightly different power levels, for example about 10% or so greater than those offered in the Mini Mark III. (Just a thought...) You might also think about whether it makes more sense to use an 18500 cell, mostly for reasons of aesthetics.

Accessory: I'd also be more than willing to buy a Mini Mark II body as a retrofit for my Mini Mark III lights. (I started a poll about this in the General Discussion forum on August 3rd.) I understand the rationale for the more streamlined design of the Mini Mark III, it's just that I prefer the dogbone style body on the Mark II, and I'm willing to buy a few as aftermarket "accessories" for my Mark III lights.

Thanks for considering these daydreams. 😁
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May 10, 2007
While we're on the subject of the Mini, I want one available with that wonderful 90+ CRI 319A that's in the slate blue Quarks. Slate blue anodizing with it would be nice, but not necessary.

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Jul 2, 2009
I would like to see more Quarks with the Nichia 319 4000K hi CRI emitter. I missed out on the 16650 slate blue version so if they could make more lights, whether blue or black, with that emitter it would be great!