FOURSEVENS Titanium Pen Review


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May 5, 2010
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(Note: No it is not deja vu, I prepared this review independently, but it seems Selfbuilt and myself have had the same idea for this and the P0, but there is nothing wrong with having a second opinion and of course great minds think alike)

The FOURSEVENS Titanium Pen is one of the first FOURSEVENS products to have the new logo and branding. FOURSEVENS are in the process of updating the design of their website and product naming/branding which can be seen at the new 'foursevens' website (rather than 4sevens).

The new logo.

Although not one of my usual type of review candidates, this pen has inspired me to do a brief review.

Initial Impressions:

The FOURSEVENS Titanium Pen, although classed as ‘tactical’ is understated in this regard and has a simple elegance about it. In its default configuration it comes with a shallow cone on the bottom which can act as a glass breaker. Unlike most over the top tactical pens, with the glass breaker end cap, the pen simply looks like a classic compact pen.


It is a compact pen and may be too small and slim for some for extended use. It is perfect to travel with you for note taking on the go.

Presentation case:

The Titanium Pen arrived in a plain white card sleeve, inside which is a metal case with the new FOURSEVENS logo on the lid.


The foam insert has a flock coating and as well as the cut out for the pen has two extra holes to retain the optional end caps.


The refill:

Built around the Fischer Space Pen refill, the Titanium Pen immediately provides a proven quality and reliability of writing. Although it only takes the space pen refills, this is no hardship as using this refill is one good reason to choose it.

FOURSEVENS supply the fine black refill with the pen.

Optional end caps:

There are two further end caps available, an attack crown and a lanyard ring. On unscrewing the glass breaker you find that inside the threaded hole is a stop screwed further inside that retains the refill.


The attack crown is sharp, really sharp. If you put the pen in your pocket with this cap fitted you will have a hole very quickly. You really need to use a pen case with this end cap.


The lanyard ring provides the pen with a nicely rounded end with a generous size hole to use with the chain or cord of your choice. Using the lanyard hole in the pen rather than the pen cap gives the added security of at least retaining the pen itself should the cap come off. That said, the pen cap itself fits very securely, snapping on firmly, so there is very little chance of losing it.


Using the Titanium Pen

As mentioned before, being a compact size, this pen is more suited to being a travel companion. It is definitely small and slim and as such can be fatiguing to use for long periods.


However, it looks good, feels good and is well made. The use of Titanium keeps the weight down and compared to other compact metal pens, which can feel weighty, the Titanium Pen feels just right. The cap comes on and off with a crisp snap and fits really well. This makes the general experience of using this pen one of quality.

Although not the be all and end all of writing instruments, the Titanium Pen is an elegant and tactile, and very appealing.

The pen was a gift and not supplied as a review sample.

I’ll update post 2 of this thread once I have some more comments to add....
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