Friday Night Quake!



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Dec 23, 2008
Penn's Woods
My Wife's son was in Long Beach for a wedding, flew in from the east coast. He was napping before the wedding, didn't even know there had been a quake... :shakehead:ohgeez:


Dec 4, 2007
California Republic
Between the OC and IE; that was a quality roller, felt like a ~3.5 that went on for a good ~20 seconds. Knew right away that if it was Ridgecrest [110 mi away] it was a 7.

Radios on, TV switched to only news that was live at the time; TV anchors are visibly panicked and watching lights sway in their studio, radio announcers are describing studio moving. USGS site is basically crashed, only getting new info once every few minutes. Radio announcers [in Burbank] are calling out aftershocks they're feeling as they're happening, one every few minutes.

I take a quick shower and come back to the TV now that USGS is doing a live press conference; the two USGS scientists have a live quake map on the display screen next to them, and a notably large quake takes place as they are talking - the map in real time shows a circular shockwave growing larger/moving away from Ridgecrest, and as the circle comes over my area I feel a modest rolling as the wave passes over, then as the circle passes over the live press conference they pause for a moment as it shakes there. Just unreal technology, can't believe we're that close to providing real time notification of an incoming earthquake..

USGS is reporting odds of a Magnitude 6 aftershock are 1 in 2. Number of aftershocks will generally follow 1/2 on second day, 1/3rd on third day, etc, if the 7 was not a foreshock to something larger.

The radio announcers are openly considering abandoning the show/radio station and going home regardless of repercussions..

~1,500 Ridgecrest homes and the entirety of nearby Trona are without power, some mountain passes are reported blocked by slides. Ridgecrest residents are reported to be outside in their yards or in their vehicles to avoid being indoors.

The radio station took a call from Nevada, guy says he was watching the Dodgers [at home] game; he felt the shaking there in Nevada, and then saw the cameras also shaking at the stadium in LA..
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Apr 8, 2002
The hanging menu boards in the cigar bar here in Lake Havasu City, AZ were swinging and pools were sloshing.