From Amazon Japan: $14 1AA Mitsubishi Headlight


Newly Enlightened
Dec 2, 2017
I recently made an order from Amazon Japan and decided to add on a unique flashlight for fun. It's a CL-3101 1AA headlamp from Mitsubishi Electric - the makers of the world's finest toaster. I haven't seen any reviews or info about it online. Cost ¥1,644 or about $14.19. It's very simple. Square plastic tube for the battery with a belt clip, adjustable angle head, flood lens, and a rubberized headband. The light is bright for 1AA and pure white, which is great for use in my garage. It has 1 button that cycles through high, medium, and flashing. One thing I'm not sure about is the battery life - the specs say 8.5 hours at high power and 18.5 at medium, but according to my multimeter it draws 1 full Amp (!) on the full power setting (and gets quite hot). It steps down to medium power automatically after about an hour. No way it would last 8.5 with any battery.




It has nifty built-in storage for the headband, the end of it hooks on the back of the light:

Not a very fair comparison, but here it is in my garage compared to the only other headlamp I have, an incandescent Jusrite. My camera made it look more blue than it actual is, the actual light is a neutral white:

IMG_9935 2.JPG

Lighting up the engine bay, this shot is a better representation of the light temperature: