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For Sale - Flashlight *FS* 1 RARE McGIZMO, 1 SOLD*


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Feb 1, 2006
Hello all.
Up for grabs are two unique McGizmo pieces, one of which being a one-off prototype!
Lets get to the details!
-McGizmo 3xR Cx2 Prototype
Next up we have a mint condition one of a kind McGizmo 2-stage and 2-cell prototype based on his 27mm head that consists of 3 Rebel LED's utilizing 10mm (McR R10) reflectors and is driven by a NewBadBoy converter (.88 mA -Low & 4.65 mA -High: LED's in series) producing 68 lumens on low and 286 lumens on high and using the rare, Cx2 "PD" type body that works with the PD heads (not the later produced E-Series based 2 cell body with a similar design). The lumen ratings are from Don's site although each stage seems a bit brighter than stated.
There is no official name for this light on the site so I coined the name based on the triple-Rebel led's (3xR). The Cx2 moniker was coined by Don for the battery pack sporting 2, Cr123 cells.
This light was built by Don himself 15 some years ago when he was experimenting with LED's other than the Luxeon, Seoul and Cree LED's that he was using in his production waves.
The stats above come from Don's project website that you can visit here:
There are some beam shots there as well as a bunch of other projects of his.
Don experimented with some triple light engines but none of those made it to production so this is a rare McGizmo triple!
You will notice in the next shots the early stage of this light when is comes to the circuit board that is not exactly uniform in the head (although the reflector array is centered perfectly) showing that "prototype" aesthetic.
In the following shots, you can see the longer clip that Don had made for the original Cx2 bodies. I believe that only 25 units were made for the production S27 Cx2 wave but a few may have been available separately from Don for a short time. The later E-Series compatible body came with the shorter clip. The E-Series body is also identifiable when viewed (with no head on) will have its threads on the outside of the body with an E head covering the threads where as the PD style here has the threads on the inside and the head is inserted into the body.
The longer clip also has a slight bend in its tip that I've never seen on the shorter clips (McLUXIII T on left below for comparison and not included in sale).
I have been using a 17670 battery (not included in sale) in this but it can also use 2 primaries, not sure about anything over 6 volts like using 2 lithium ions. The 17670 is a snug fit where the primaries fit fine. A 16650 could be another rechargeable option.

-3xR Cx2 Ti Proto - $775.00 $800.00 $850.00

-Chrome McLuxIII PD-SOLD
Last but not least, we have a rare variation of the venerable McGizmo PD. A McLuxIII PD in Chrome over aluminum. I believe that only 40 of these were produced in Chrome and this one sports the original LuxIII emitter from bin TWOJ (more neutral tint) and a PEU stainless trit bezel (no trits installed).
I sanded and polished by hand the PEU bezel and the original Ti clip to a high luster to match the brilliant chrome finish, while also de-burring the edge of the Ti clip. I added glow O-rings as well.
The threads are butter smooth but one thing to note, when an O-ring is installed, the head is a bit tough to turn. This maybe attributed to the thickness of the chrome compared to hard anno. So I used it with no O-ring but will include one.
One other thing to note, as you no doubt noticed in the pics, is the gold look to the PD button. What you are seeing is the brass showing through the nickle coating on the piston. When I first received this light, I was giving it a going over (cleaning/lubing) and while removing the piston, it popped out and fell onto the floor... Landing directly onto the the piston button and giving it a good ding... So, I sanded it down until the ding was gone and although that did not interfere with the trit, it did leave the piston button a bit lower on one side and exposed the brass. If the brass is polished, the yellow color nearly blends in with the chrome. This light uses a primary Cr123.
-CHROME PD = SOLD. $400.00

-Paypal or Zelle.
-Earliest time stamp with an "I'll take it" has priority, may be listed elsewhere.
-Paypal fees and shipping to CONUS (USPS Priority with insurance) are included in the price.
-Not interested in trades at this time.

-Thanks for looking!
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