Sold/Expired FS: FM 18350 P60 (3P), Maglite MTG2, T-Mack Copper


Jul 15, 2014
Alright well I have decided to put some of my flashlights up for sale. This is my first sales thread so we'll see how it goes.

Blue 2D Maglite I got a heatsink and reflector from Jayrob for this build. It's the 4000K MTG2 bonded to the heatsink with AA and the driver cavity was filled with it as well. It's a great light but I'm trying to get a grail light so some things have to go. It is driven by a 4.5 amp qlite driver. It has three modes. An important side note, I wasn't thinking clearly when doing this build and when I soldered the wires on the driver I thought the 20ga wire was kinda small so I doubled up on it. There are two positive and two negative wires on both the switch and driver. To make things better I didn't use shrink wrap because I didn't think I would ever try to sell the light. I did wrap each joint in electrical tape though. A plus to all this is that with all that wire the resistance between the switch and driver is quite low and I did measure 4.5 amps at the led with my cheapo meter. Ok so these aren't the best pics I didn't realize I didn't have any good ones of the light itself. It is used so it does have ano missing, mostly at the back end I will get some pics and upload them.

Blue MTG2 Maglite.jpg

Next up is a red Convoy S2+ with a triple xpl hi v2 1a 6500-7000K, has a copper spacer under the star, a narrow spot optic, I have a deep carry clip that will go with it I have not installed the clip but it does come with the flashlight. I put a thermal cube in the driver cavity. I used the blf a6 driver on this one. It's a FET+7135 driver there are a lot of features on this driver: I have copied this from someone else but here they are,
- Short tap: Do a short (less than 0.5s) half-press to go forward to
the next mode.

- Med tap: Do a medium (0.5s to 1.5s) half-press to go backward to
the previous mode.

- Long tap: Do a long (longer than 1.5s) half-press to reset to the
first mode (if mode memory is turned off).

- Or fully click and release to turn the light off.

Hidden modes:

- Go backward from moon to access the hidden modes. They are, in

- Turbo (just like the regular turbo)

- Tactical strobe (10 Hz)

- Battery check / beacon mode
(each blink represents about 25% of a full charge)
0 blinks: < 1% full (< 3.0V)
1 blink : 1% to 25% full (3.0V to 3.5V)
2 blinks: 25% to 50% full (3.5V to 3.8V)
3 blinks: 50% to 75% full (3.8V to 4.0V)
4 blinks: 75% to 100% full (4.0V to 4.2V)
5 blinks: > 100% full (> 4.2V)

- Biking flasher (2-level stutter beacon, 1 Hz)

Configuration options:

- Short tap rapidly a bunch of times (15+ taps, or until the light
stops turning on) to enter soft config mode.

The way it works is the light will blink twice for each option,
then pause for a bit before moving to the next option. Turn the
light off between the two blinks to toggle that option.

The available options are:

- Mode group: 7 modes or 4 modes:
Group 1: moon, low, med1, med2, high1, high2, turbo
Group 2: low, med, high, turbo

- Mode memory toggle

- If CONFIG_STARS is defined, you can ground pin 3 of the MCU to
enable mode memory instead of using config mode. This can often
be done by soldering a star on the spring side of the driver, if
your driver supports that. Otherwise, it's pretty easy to make a
solder bridge from pin 3 (mode mem toggle) to pin 4 (ground). Or
even just wedge a piece of metal between the two pins.

Other details to note:

- Low-voltage protection will progressively step down the output at
about 2.8V, and the light will shut itself off when even the
lowest level gets below 2.8V.

- The default turbo step-down is 45 seconds.

- When turbo steps down to high, a short tap will push it back up to
turbo or a medium tap will step down further, even if you got to
turbo by going backward from moon. The step-down effectively
moves it from the "hidden" turbo back to the non-hidden turbo.

- A short tap from any hidden mode will return to the lowest mode.
$100 for this one.

I can't post anymore pics in this post and can't figure out how to delete some of the other ones so that I can post new ones. I will post pictures further down the thread.

Conditions of sale are: first "I'll take it" posted in this thread gets it. Shipping to US address included, PM me about international shipping.

Thanks for looking.


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Jul 15, 2014
FortyCaliber I was going to give anongpc a couple more days as we have exchanged a couple pms.

Mcbrat thanks for the link. I haven't gotten any of my pics put up yet. Looks pretty good on my desk though.


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Jun 12, 2015
hi,I have paid for 3p already...when you shipping out please sent me tracking number--:nana:


Jul 15, 2014
I apologize anongpc, I was going to ship today however they did not open till 10 and I had to be at a service project at 9. I didn't realize they open later on Saturday, I figured they'd close early but opening later is kinda silly. I'll ship it Monday.


Jul 15, 2014
Pictures of 6P

Surefire 6P 3.jpg Surefire 6P.jpg Surefire 6P 4.jpg

Forgot to mention that the smoothie bezel looks brand new, has a UCL held in with just a plastic bezel ring. Lens is ar coated. The tail cap is a definite user but the body is also in very good condition with I think maybe a little spot of aluminum showing through on the knurling.


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