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Sold/Expired FS: MilkySpit U2by2 w/ narrow optics - 4xXPG R5, 800 lumens, SureFire quality

I came to the light...

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Nov 4, 2007
Sold: MilkySpit U2by2 w/ narrow optics - 4xXPG R5, 800 lumens, SureFire quality


I got this treasure from MilkySpit just a few weeks ago, after looking forward to it for months. Unfortunately, I don't think I can hold on to this one, so somebody can get one of the best lights out there (IMHO) with no wait at all.

The body is a SureFire U2A, with the head from the older U2 for its higher current (=more output).

MilkySpit put in 4 XP-G R5 LEDs each behind their own narrow optic. The optics are square so they fit better, but it doesn't show in the beam. The result is a narrower beam with more throw than your average U2by2, although it's still mostly flood and very smooth - think of it as partway between a flood light and a Malkoff Wildcat.

Scott estimates 800 lumens at the emitter, 680 OTF. Using it in person, I can tell you that it is *very* bright, and the throw isn't too bad either - just what I was hoping for.

Runtime and regulation should be the same as a stock U2.

Takes 2xCR123A or 1x18650.

There is one quirk - since the U2 switches between buck and boost between levels 3 and 4, the two will be nearly identical if the batteries aren't fresh. On fresh batteries the levels appear evenly spaced, and on batteries with a bit of runtime on them all but those two appear equally spaced, with the low being very convenient in both cases.

The condition is like new - the head is new, and the body has several tiny dings where it contacts the head. When the light is put together the dings are completely hidden by the head. The light comes with the original SureFire U2A packaging, and the MilkyMod tape is still wrapped around the bezel. Total runtime is only about half an hour - I haven't even gone through one set of batteries.

Pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/c8W7a. I thought I would only have to apologize for the quality, but now I'm stuck with watermarks too ... if anybody knows how to avoid watermarks (for free) I can re-upload the photos.

This flashlight cost me $450 (discounted price) + shipping + 6 months waiting; I'll let it go for $380 + shipping. Paypal only, but I'll ship any way the USPS does. International buyers will have to wait until Saturday for me to ship it since that's the first time I can get to the post office while it's open.
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