Ganzo Firebird FH51 D2


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Feb 15, 2009
Melbourne - Australia

A) First thing I noticed was the knife would gravity flick open - I dont like that !
B) 2nd thing I noticed , the pivot screw assembly for the blade was ???? glued ?
C) 3rd thing I noticed was the shallow threads on half the screws , one being the other pivot screw .

So to fix the gravity issue ....
I had to damage the grip panel , make a hole . So I could get glue into the area around the main pivot screw head . Glue the screw to the grip panel .
Doing this allowed me to dis assemble the knife , bend the liner lock for more tension on the blade ( fix the gravity issue ) .
Anyways , with the PITA drama out of the way .

A) The knife is about the right size to be a pocket knife
B) The clip is not annoying , you feel it . It makes the knife feel bulky , but it's not a pain .
C) After re tensioning the liner lock . Walk N talk is excellent . No slop to speak of and the lock holds .
D) Sharpening the knife , the steel did not feel particularly hard nor soft . Was hard to get a read on it from sharpening .
E) D2 ? Apparently so , 450 slices of rope with the guided guided knife sharpener edge ( Right in the D2 ballpark ) .

Apart from the drama , looks like I got me a real D2 knife for around $25 USD + a few dollars for shipping .
Ganzo Firebird FH51 D2 ..
I will say it , looks like Ganzo is trying hard to bring decent D2 to the market .
Not like other companies who are happy to take your money and give you rubbish .
Decent D2 is few and far between . ( For me so far )
Maybe I should stick to Ganzo