Sold/Expired Gene Wiseman Custom Wharncliffe Front Pocket Slipjoint with Thunderstorm Kevlar



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Mar 22, 2015
Received this yesterday and moving it along as I don't quite love it. 3 1/2" closed, with a D2 blade of almost 2 3/4". Blade is centered, easily pinched open, and has outstanding snap, no play at all. Backspring, blade and liners are flush in all positions and are as tight and seamless as i have seen from any maker. The Kevlar covers have brass wire in them that shimmer in the light as you move the knife. The knife is still new and unused in any way. Asking $300 shipped to your door. Trade interests would be other custom slipjoints with clip or wharncliffe blades, 3 1/2" closed or thereabouts.

Please send PM or email to [email protected] and reply with an "I'll take it" to reserve the knife pending payment. I reserve the right to sell to whomever I choose, but the first firm offer to purchase will be honored if at all possible.

image_zpstqzymxvn.jpg image_zpshjodtxhe.jpg image_zpsbvmkrinr.jpg image_zps1uuf4kva.jpg


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Oct 5, 2016
Gene Wiseman Custom Wharncliffe Front Pocket Slipjoint with Thunderstorm K

Is it possible to replace the Open Batch Dialog Box with a custom ocx panel? If so, how would I disable the existing Open Batch Dialog Box?

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