Gerber Recon LED With 4 Color DIAL Mini-Review


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Aug 12, 2004
OK, my review was based on initial impressions, but I've since had a chance to use it at night for various tasks and I can upgrade the rating on this.

Main Features:
-1 white LED...seems to be 5mm or so. Good out to 10-20 ft.
-Colored lenses on DIAL system: red, green, blue
-Regulation circuitry for extended battery 100 hours.
-Uses 1 AA...have not checked with NiMH, yet.
-Lifetime warranty

-Body: Water-resistant, nice matte finish, feels good in hand (ergonomically designed, it seems), clip is solid, lanyard hole is perfect for 550 paracord. DIAL click system is solidly made. Threaded tail cap has grease and is solidly secured...yes, there IS a push cap on feature like the Inovas.
-Lighting: A good spot with the bare LED out to 15 ft, residual spill is tight, but usable. Red, blue and green lenses are useful in certain situations. The red is more than adequate for close tasks at night and the green is much brighter and is good for discerning certain colors at night while preserving some night vision. Gerber claims blue lens light can distinguish blood...but I haven;'t tried it, yet. The thing I like is that you can turn the dial halfway and get a color mix, for example, half red/half green.

This is a good secondary light and a good light for kids and nighttime trips to the kitchen or bathroom.

I upgrade it to 3.5/5 stars.


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Sep 19, 2000
Near Seattle, WA
This is the light I bought on leave. I couldn't remember the model name. It replaced two Infinities, a red one and a white one. This is a great gift for anyone in the military. White light for non-tactical environments, and the red when preserving your night vision is important.


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Apr 6, 2003
Central IN
As far as brightness goes, is it closer to the Ultra or the old non-Ultra Infinity?


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May 31, 2003
I bought one to check out and to pass on to my little boy to play with. It is significantly less bright on white than my Ultra-G. On <font color="red"> red </font> it is substantially less bright than my Infinity (US Government marked) with a <font color="red"> red LED</font>.

I don't have any Infinity lights to compare it to anymore.

I think it would be closer to the standard Infinity Task Light rather than the Ultra. It may not be as bright as some standard Infinities.

I have no need for green or blue colored light, perhaps this would be used for discrete signalling? The longer runtime and dim output might be just the combination for military users.

<font color="red"> Red </font> is the only color that helps you retain night adapted vision.

White or near-white light is the only light I can accurately decipher color-coded topographical maps by.

I think these little Recons might be a good personal task light for military personnel whose missions require strict light discipline. A thoughtful feature are the recesses in the bezel dial and head that can be lined up by touch in darkness so that when you turn on the light the red filter will be in place, so that you don't inadvertantly put out white, green or blue light.

Within arms' reach I can read by the white light easily and read black and white fairly well by the red, green or blue filtered light, although I find those colors annoy me.

My 6 year old son loves it and manipulates it easily. He has it attached by a lanyard to his school back pack.