GG&G flashlight 1" ring


Newly Enlightened
Feb 16, 2014
Hi all,
I am going to use a GG&G ring adapter for my mossberg shotgun. It accepts a 1" light.
I want to use a Surefire light in this 1" ring.
Are most of the Surefires 1" dia. bodys? IE: 6px, G2X, P2x etc...
I want about 3-500 Lumens in front of the gun.

Bob Damon

Apr 20, 2014
I read the description for the GG&G, it talks about mounting on an AR15 and looks like it attaches to a rail?
The sling and combo mount adds a rail, and looks much sturdier. I tried a couple of different mounts and decided that the light didn't need to be on the shotgun all the tine, just a lot of punishment. So, I take it off when I go to the range.
But the sling/ flashlight mount looks good, I hadn't seen that before. A pistol light would be fine, if I were a pro or heavy user, I would get a long gun light. If you won't use it much, a weapon light, such as the Olight M22 warrior or Eagletac TC25C2 would be good choices.
I use a Bayco long gun light, it's older but since I don't use it much it's been fine.