GoingGear.com- New ArmyTek Dobermann Pro, Barracuda Pro, Predator and Predator Pro


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Apr 5, 2007
Atlanta, GA
ArmyTek is known for their durability and their reliability so we were very excited to get more of these lights in. We were also happy to see that all of these are equipped with the latest XP-L HI LED.

In addition to having the XP-L HI LED, the Doberman Pro is a great EDC light producing 1250 lumens while giving you a focused narrow beam. The beam also reaches distances of up to 450 meters making this a great light for aiming. Due to the durability and beam pattern of the light it would make a perfect weapon light. Takes 1x18650 or 2x (R)CR123 batteries.

The big brother of the line is the ArmyTek Barracuda Pro V2. This light can reach 1450 lumens and comes with an extender tube to add an additional 18650 battery for reaching the highest output. If you are looking for a light that is water resistant the Barracuda will not disappoint you. The light can handle being submersed up to 50m depth for up to 5 hours at one time! Takes 2x 18650s or 4xCR123s.

We also received two of the limited edition lights, the ArmyTek Predator V3 and the ArmyTek Predator Pro V3. Both the Predator and the Predator Pro have 1250 lumens and have a beam distance of 540 meters. One notable difference is that the Predator comes with 6 modes while the Predator Pro has 7. Both lights take 1x18650

ArmyTek Dobermann Pro

ArmyTek Barracuda Pro V2

ArmyTek Predator V3

ArmyTek Predator Pro V3

The ArmyTek Dobermann Pro and Barracuda are in stock and ready to ship! The Predator and Predator Pro sold out quickly, so we hope to have more within the next few weeks.







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Aug 30, 2014
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Hey GG! Noticed you currently, as of 10/16 you do not have the Dobermann Pro XP-L HI in stock. Any idea of when you may have more?