GoingGear.com- New EagleTac MX25L4 and SX25L3 with XPH-50 LED


Apr 5, 2007
Atlanta, GA
The MX25L4 and the SX25L3 now come with the new XPH-50 LED! The MX25L4 gives you 2950 ANSI FL-1 lumens and has four brightness levels and seven hidden auxiliary outputs including strobe and SOS. The light has a very versatile interface and is highly durable. The MX25L4 takes 4x18650 or 8x CR123A batteries.

The next new addition is the SX25L3. It is a compact light that boasts a 3210 ANSI FL-1 lumen output. In addition to brightness the light has great runtime, running for over 350 hours on its lowest brightness level. It has four brightness levels as well as seven hidden auxiliary outputs including strobe and SOS. The SX25L3 takes 3x18650s or 6x CR123A batteries.

Both of these versions are available as kits. The kit versions of these lights comes with everything the base model comes with in addition to an extra signal connection, an extra tail cap with switch and tail-standing ability, a flashlight head with front-mounted thread for bezel and filter attachment, a stainless steel bezel, a holster, a diffuser filter, a yellow filter, a red filter, a green filter, and a blue filter.



Both lights are in stock and ready to ship!


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