GoingGear.com - Olight S1 Limited Edition Update: S1-Br, S1-Cu, and S1-Ti


Apr 5, 2007
Atlanta, GA
For those of you waiting on the S1-Cu or S1-Ti, we have large amounts of everything except the S1-Cu Rose Gold and S1-Cu Raw coming in tomorrow (Monday). We're going to upgrade everyone that had free shipping or first class to Priority Mail to hopefully get them to you in time for Christmas. We're very sorry for the delay, but we think you'll be very happy with the lights. All versions look amazing!

For those of you that haven't ordered any of the S1 limited editions yet, we'll have plenty left over to let you get one too.

(both versions in stock and ready to ship)
S1-Cu (S1-Cu Raw SS will be in stock on Monday, 12/21. S1-Cu Raw and S1-Cu Rose Gold will be in stock about a week later)
S1-Ti (both versions will be in stock on Monday, 12/21)
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