Good drop in for 3 D cell Maglite?


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May 20, 2022
Takoma Park, Maryland
I'm sure that there are better flashlights available but I still want to rehabilitate what I have on hand.

I have a 3 D cell Maglite that I want to change to a brighter light for the same service. The LED replacement that I now have in it is not very bright at all. Can someone advise which conversion would accomplish an improvement in brightness without making the duration of use go into the single digit hours category. In other words I want a traffic director equipped with it together with it's OEM traffic cone to be able to use it for a whole night in the middle of winter and not having become much less bright by morning. A safety worker should not have to change batteries in the middle of the night when working during a disaster. This light will go in a disaster response team's equipment cache.

Tom Horne


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Apr 7, 2007
Is 100-200 lumens enough? Would certainly be brighter than the stock lamp and more efficient. There's quite a few long running options out there in that case, especially if you're going to use full capacity (11,000mAh or so) alkaline D cells. I would recommend a 4 cell light instead, but that's just me. You have what you have I guess.

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